Used & Refurbished Equipment

Used and Refurbished Equipment

Refurbished Equipment Reduces Costs 50% – 70%

DealFlow Networks sole mission is to assist you in maximizing your profitability, while minimizing your equipment costs throughout the life cycle of the network. We offer both current and legacy equipment that ensures you make the most of the technology you have in place – today.

DealFlow Networks can make a big impact in the mid- and end-point of a network life cycle. Our customers have networks that are beyond the startup phase. These networks are well into their lifecycle and don’t require large amounts of time and expense for planning, testing and deployment. So when network expansions are necessary they choose DealFlow Networks to reduce costs by 50% – 70% verses buying new equipment. By providing surplus and refurbished equipment the maintenance and hardware costs are brought in line with the rest of the network costs during the network mid-point and end-of-life.