Telecycling Solutions

At DealFlow Networks, we create partnerships that maximize the value of your network assets – whether we provide high-quality equipment at up to 80% off list price, or generate revenue to your bottom line by acquiring your surplus inventory.

Investment Recovery

Many companies have warehouses full of equipment that has been written off and left for scrap. Others are in the process of liquidating divisions or entire companies that are no longer viable. There is potential value in some of the remaining equipment, but tapping into that value is time consuming and not part of most company’s core competency. DealFlow Networks can help in a number of ways.

  • Asset purchases
  • Remarketing programs
  • Asset valuation and viability services
  • Equipment de-commissioning

In many instances, we acquire product outright. This means we actually purchase the product, take title and possession of the equipment. It goes into our warehouse for refurbishing, repackaging and resale. The company receives payment and no longer has to incur the costs of storage and handling. In other cases, we take product under a tailored Remarketing Agreement and share the value generated by selling the equipment in the secondary market. Using this methodology, we come to agreement on warehouse arrangements, as well as minimum acceptable values on the equipment offered for sale.

DealFlow Networks has the flexibility to design a program that maximizes value and minimizes the effort and time expended by our clients in disposing of their network assets. Our methodologies are proven and our expansive client list is diverse.