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Upgrading Your IP Backbone

Service providers have a host of challenges in the new world of telecommunications. Services such as legacy voice, T1’s, T3’s and leased lines are going by the wayside as customers demand more bandwidth, more flexibility, faster delivery and lower cost. Service providers, whether you’re a traditional telephone company, CLEC, ISP or carriers carrier, are transitioning their networks from legacy voice and optical platforms to IP and Ethernet technology.

IP Network Services

With this transition come many questions. What combination of technologies and protocols should you deploy in your network? Are there additional services you can offer to optimize your network resources and revenue? What services will you be offering in the future? What protocols will those new services require? Which L3 protocols should you be using? What about MPLS and PBB? The questions seem endless and the challenges daunting. The solutions don’t have to be. DealFlow Networks has partnered with Brocade, the leading provider of IP network solutions, to offer our customers a more flexible, profitable and easy to provision network.

The Benefits of an IP Backbone

DealFlow Networks has helped service providers deploy Brocade IP backbones with the following benefits.

  • Scalable, future proof solutions that provide the flexibility to deploy additional services quickly.
  • High Performance: IP backbones that have the highest performance in the industry, yet lower capex than other leading IP vendors.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Networks that are greener than the competition – lower power consumption & significantly lower thermal output.
  • Small Footprint: IP switches and routers with the smallest footprint, highest density yet everything is wirespeed.
  • Future-proof chassis that are ready to accept 40-GbE and 100-GbE interfaces today.
  • Low Maintenance Costs: Some of the lowest ongoing maintenance costs in the world. Your TCO will be reduced.
  • High Availability: Networks with the highest level of redundancy and resiliency. Five 9’s reliability is still a requirement.

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