Power Backup and Management Solutions

Power Protection

Eaton UPS’s are the most reliable and efficient due to inheriting a century of innovations

What is the business case for investing power-centric business continuity?

Okay, I’d like to consider Eaton…what are my next steps?

Contact us. DealFlow Networks will work with you to schedule a visit by a certified Eaton engineer. He/she will conduct a formal power assessment. The engineer will conduct an onsite survey and interview the business stakeholders to learn the following:

  • Power Environment – Does your application require single phase or three phase. Were you aware that moving to three phase significantly improves efficiency?
  • Installation Environment – What challenges are related to the environment this UPS will have to function in?
  • Power Load – Calculate current power load.
  • Availability – When utility power fails – how much battery runtime does this application require?
  • Scalability – Calculate future power load requirements.
  • Power Distribution – It is crucial to document how power will be transported from the UPS to each device.
  • Manageability – What remote management features are required of this UPS?
  • Operations and Maintenance – Clearly define what operations and maintenance tasks the customer is comfortable performing and those that they expect to be performed by Eaton.
  • Budget – Determine the budget for this project.


Can you help familiarize me with Eaton’s UPS lineup?

    • Series 3 – engineered to protect ‘front-line’ equipment like desktops, cash registers and credit card terminals by protecting them from the (3) most common power problems

  • Series 9 – engineered to protect ‘mission-critical’ equipment like transportation, elevators, servers and delicate instruments by protecting them from all (9) common power problems
  • Large Units – engineered to protect the power where it enters your building or the power to your production line