VM & Application Performance


Key Benefits of V-locity VM:

  • Increase VM and application performance up to 50%
  • Increase VM density per physical server up to 50%
  • Up to 50% faster access to frequently accessed files
  • Faster I/O performance without the cost of additional storage hardware
  • Extend hardware lifespan by eliminating unnecessary I/Os

V-locity® VM accelerator increases performance up to 50% without the cost of new or additional storage hardware.

V-locity enormously improves the efficiency of all VMware ESX/ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual platforms by optimizing reads and writes for increased bandwidth to VMs, eliminating application bottlenecks and enabling more VMs on a single physical server.

We guarantee a MINIMUM 25% performance boost on your virtual machines, OR THE SOFTWARE IS FREE!

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