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Why pay 5x more for OEM when you can buy from a trusted source and get a LIFETIME WARRANTY ?

With 100% compatible transceivers, splitters, and cables from DFN Optics, all of the most popular options are available for Cisco, Aruba, Extreme Networks, etc…



Optic Transceivers

Optic transceivers can be a significant expense in your network. As organizations transition from 1G to 10G, and from 40G to 100G, the decisions become more complex and the costs rise. In addition, many vendors want you to buy transceivers only from them and try to make you believe that only their OEM transceivers will work in their equipment. These are the same manufacturers that charge 5 times more than similar 3rd party optics, and their warranties aren’t as good.  Many times these top industry manfacturers will discount their solutions with the intent on making up the difference with the huge margins they receive on the sell of their transceivers and cables.

DealFlow Networks can help you navigate this maze. We can provide you with pluggable transceivers for Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel and many more, and provide you with a LIFETIME WARRANTY to guarantee the functionality of what we sell.  Don’t be fooled into believing you need to pay top dollar for certain vendor transceivers. DealFlow Networks can save you bundles of money. Call today to discuss your optics requirements.

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