Mobile Backhaul Solutions



FibroLAN has been a manufacturer of optical networking systems for the carrier/MSO markets since 1996. FibroLAN focuses on developing systems for Metro Ethernet networks, LTE Mobile Backhauling, and C/DWDM solutions.

FibroLAN has developed a Multipurpose Fiber NID, the uFalcon-S, which serves two of FibroLAN’s target markets:

  1. Ethernet Demarcation (NID)
  2. LTE Mobile backhauling

Some of the interesting features for the uFalcon-S are:

  • Built-In Capability for detecting, alerting, and reporting events of Micro Bursts (critical for financial and other ‘Latency Sensitive’ customers)
  • CE 2.0 Compliant
  • Supports – Y.1731, RFC2544, Y.1564 and much more…
  • Zero Touch Configuration (low level tech is sufficient)
  • Flexible Fault Propagation
  • Full MEF compliance with Precision Timing (1588 + SyncE)
  • Ultra low latency – ~3uSec
  • Temperature Hardened (-40 to +65C)
  • Built in Power Supply, AC or DC (20-60V)
  • Rack, Desktop or wall  mounting options
  • And much more…

Mobile Backhaul Solutions

Fibrolan Falcon

Mobile operators are experiencing huge growth in both subscribers and bandwidth demand. Operators are seeking revenue and profit growth through new differentiated packet-based services. Many of these services, such as mobile Internet and mobile TV, require high bandwidth. Globally, almost 1.5 billion new mobile subscribers and 1.2 billion new broadband subscribers will be added between 2010 and 2014. Bandwidth requirements from the mobile operators will skyrocket along with the subscribers and those operators will look to tier 2 and 3 service providers to provide much of that mobile backhaul.

How will service providers deliver that backhaul service? DealFlow Networks has teamed with Brocade, RAD and Symetricom to provide a comprehensive, fully integrated, tested and supported backhaul solution that will meet the requirements of any mobile operator.

The DealFlow Mobile Backhaul solution provides the following benefits:

  • End-to-end mobile backhaul solution guaranteed to adhere to open standards.
  • Delivery of Ethernet circuits, T1’s or T3’s for complete flexibility of services to handle the requirements of any mobile operator.
  • Pre-tested configurations and deployment guides.
  • Pre-validated performance thresholds, test reports and documented results.
  • The industries most comprehensive OAM capabilities for complete management and to ensure SLA compliance.
  • Greener than the competition – lower power consumption and thermal output.