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What is Subscriber Intelligence?

Subscriber Intelligence is about lowering your OPEX costs, improving service and identifying new sources of revenue. Subscriber Intelligence provides the visibility and intelligence to understand how subscribers are using your service so you can answer questions around:

  • Do I need to roll a truck to solve this problem?
  • When will I need to purchase additional bandwidth?
  • Which subscribers are likely infected and could benefit from malware remediation services?
  • What percentage of my subscribers’ consume 80% of my bandwidth?
  • Should I offer additional broadband plans based on usage, features or speed?
  • How many of my subscribers would likely be interested in this new offering based on prior usage patterns?

A study reported by the Times Online found one month of YouTube traffic in 2009 was equivalent to all Internet traffic in the year 2000 with usage growing at 60% per year. The result? You as a service provider have steadily increasing upstream bandwidth costs without offsetting increases in revenue. In addition, steady increases in malware, viruses and spambots consume even more bandwidth – increasing your costs further.

Real-Time Visibility to Rapidly Resolve Problems

Subscriber Intelligence helps service providers rapidly resolve problems in 50-99% less time to lower operating costs, increase customer satisfaction and free up valuable resources. Customer support personnel use this solution to quickly identify perceived latency issues in minutes that today might take hours or days. This reduces unnecessary truck rolls, improves customer satisfaction and frees up highly skilled network administrators and operations personnel to work on more strategic items. With customer churn driven by poor performance and poor responsiveness – what better way to compete with faceless Tier 1’s than by lowering costs and delivering great service! One customer helped a subscriber solve a much larger problem when they called to complain about poor broadband performance as her email was so slow. Subscriber Intelligence identified online gaming applications as the problem – they were consuming the majority of bandwidth. It turned out her kids were playing hooky from school and playing online games very quietly in the basement!

Intelligence to Run/Grow/Transform Your Business

With historical subscriber and application usage a subscriber intelligence solution gives you the visibility and intelligence to understand how subscribers are using your services. You’ll know how much bandwidth any user is using at any point in time, what applications they are running and whether you are about to need to purchase additional bandwidth. By analyzing usage patterns you can identify if new services could make sense – say a gaming plan – and what adoption could look like based upon existing subscribers that play online games.

Subscriber Intelligence helps Service Providers:

    • Reduce OPEX Costs – By reducing unplanned bandwidth purchases, eliminating truck rolls and reducing Malware/Virus costs service providers see a direct and typically immediate ROI.
    • Improve Service – By reducing MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) when customers have a problem and being able to prove performance of broadband service is what is being paid for service providers decrease churn and increase renewal rates.
    • Increase Revenue – By collecting usage statistics service providers can better understand how their services are being used, by whom, and what new services might be offered to generate new revenue.

Best of all a subscriber deployment is fast, easy and because it isn’t an in-line solution – it can’t adversely impact your service availability.