Real-time File Protection with Instant Recovery
Undelete 10 Professional provides real time data protection with a powerful Recovery Bin that safeguards files stored on workstations and laptops. Even if users store most of their files on the server, there’s always some data stored on the local machines. Undelete allows deleted files to be recovered instantly in the same state they were at the exact time they were deleted.Administrators using the Undelete Server can even connect to those machines running Undelete Professional to browse and recover deleted files remotely.



Tech Specs


Complete PC File Protection & Recovery


  • Real-Time Data Protection
  • Instant File Recovery
  • One-button Search Functionality
  • Search Wizard for Fast Recovery
  • Easy Search Functionality
  • Enhanced Browsing Capabilities
  • Version Recovery for MS Office
  • Recovers Recycle Bin Deletes
  • Restores Previously Deleted Files
  • Electronic File Shredder
  • Dynamic Storage Space Throttling

Undelete Professional is the right choice for business desktops and laptops where important data is stored both locally and on network file servers.

The Windows recycle bin simply does not catch all deleted files.

Any of the following are at risk of being unrecoverable deletions:

  • Files deleted from the Windows recycle bin.
  • Earlier versions of Microsoft Office files.
  • Files too large to fit in the recycle bin.
  • Files created and deleted by certain applications.
  • Files deleted from the command line.

Traditionally, the only way to recover a file has been from backup, a time-consuming chore that can only restore the file as it existed at the time of backup—assuming the backup works; if the file existed at time of backup; and if the PCs were even backed up.

File deletion accidents don’t need to cost the company time and money. Why suffer through one more restore from backup? And, unlike Volume Shadow Copy (VSS), Undelete works in real-time, capturing every file version. Rather than dredging through tapes and volume snapshots, you can get instant file recovery in just seconds.

Undelete Professional allows users to quickly restore any deleted files using an easy intuitive user interface. Users can even recovery their own deleted or saved over MS Office files.
Undelete Datasheet 

How Does Undelete Work?

Undelete replaces the Windows recycle bin with a catch-all Recovery Bin that intercepts all deleted files, no matter how they were deleted or who deleted them.

Accidentally deleted a file? No problem. With the Undelete Recovery Bin, it is easy to navigate to the lost file, or take advantage of the powerful search capabilities to find your deleted file. Once found, just right-click the file, select Recover, and the file is back.

Version Protection makes it even easier to restore overwritten versions of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) files. Just right-click the file and select View Versions and restore the file you want. You can even preview the files before recovery to help you find the right version.

Quotation Mark We find the Undelete software invaluable to our organization. Our users are quite happy with the ability to restore/replace what has accidentally been deleted, in a matter of minutes as opposed to having to wait hours for tapes to be delivered from an offsite storage facility. Quotation Mark

– Robert Segui,
Freeman Company

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