Optical – Syncronous San Extension

SAN Extension

Here’s the market-leading SAN Distance Extension solution.

Solution Appraisal:

1. high capital outlays
2. high recurring costs (leased fiber)
3. high points of failure

Here’s SmartOptics’ SAN Extension solution

Solution Appraisal:

1. minimal capital outlay
2. minimal recurring costs
3. minimal points of failure

Explanation: Solutions adhering to SmartOptics’ model will extend their SAN via a single WAN fiber pair through the use of a revolutionary ‘passive’ C/DWDM Mux/Demux’s unpowered appliance. This revolutionary appliance reduces the number of WAN fibers required to a single pair. Therefore, the capital expense on ‘active’ fbier switching equipment is kept to the theoretical minimum. Likewise, the loathsome recurring WAN lease fees are also kept to a theoretical minimum. Finally, since this solution relies on the theoretical minimum ‘active’ fiber link – the ‘points-of-failure’ are kept to a theoretical minimum.