Load Balancing

Load Balancing Solutions

IT requirements continue to grow and become more complex. Data Centers are being pushed to deploy more applications and deliver them more efficiently to more users both internally and externally. There is an increased need for application connectivity, virtualization and a highly scalable and secure application delivery environment. Many companies have requirements to deliver secure, web-based transactions at high volume. Any delay can result in lost revenue and lost future business opportunity.

DealFlow has partnered with Brocade to offer the most advanced application delivery solutions in the world. Together we are working to deliver on the promise of on-demand, elastic data center computing.

Application Delivery Platform

The Brocade ADX platform provides the most advanced load balancing or application delivery services in the industry. Their innovative application resource broker software module provides visibility into application performance across network and VM infrastructures, and ensures application service level agreements (SLA) are met by dynamically allocating additional resources to service increases in application load.

The Benefits of ADX Application Delivery Controllers

  • Capacity on demand give you the ability to use simple software-based license keys to double or quadruple performance, enable additional Ethernet interfaces, or activate features such as SSL offload and global server load balancing (GSLB).
  • Independent testing by the Tolly Group concluded the ADX platform delivered nearly twice the SSL acceleration capacity at the lowest cost-per-transaction vs. systems tested from Cisco, Citrix and F5 Networks.
  • Maximum availability to applications by intelligently distributing traffic among all available servers, and dynamically monitoring the ability of servers and applications running on the servers to deliver optimal performance.
  • Provides administrators with a rich set of monitoring, decision-making and application-centric reporting features.

More about Brocade Application Delivery Solutions

Application Resource Broker

The Brocade Application Resource Broker is a new software application that gives administrators increased visibility into application performance in virtualized data centers and private clouds, as well as on-demand provisioning and de-provisioning of application resources based on user demand. The Brocade Application Resource Broker offers a rich set of monitoring, decision-making and application-centric reporting features delivered as a plug-in for VMware’s vSphere administrative interface. By leveraging the application performance metrics from the Brocade ServerIron ADX, combined with server and virtual machine (VM) specific load statistics from VMware vCenter, the Brocade Application Resource Broker determines in real-time if application resources are meeting user demand. Using its policy-based decision engine, the Application Resource Broker can log events and alert administrators to potentially inadequate application resources. Using those same policies, it can automatically provision additional application VM instances and application delivery controller resources to service user demand, and de-provision the VM instances and resources when demand subsides.

VoIP/SIP Traffic Management

Increasingly, service providers and enterprises are adopting SIP-based technologies to drive mainstream commercial and business-critical communication services, including VoIP and messaging. As a result, they need intelligent traffic management and network-centric high-availability solutions to maintain service quality and uptime. The Brocade ADX family provides high availability, scalability, and security to meet these challenges in SIP server farms.

Geographic Redundancy and Scalability

Brocade Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) is the industry’s most comprehensive and standards-based solution for delivering IP, Web, and VoIP application scalability and redundancy across multiple data center locations. This solution utilizes real-time traffic monitoring and measurement to and from many data center locations, and applies intelligent traffic management metrics to distribute traffic among multiple data center locations for the most optimal, always-on service access.

Using GSLB, businesses can prevent catastrophic failures of large data centers from impacting their ability to continue operations and serve their clients. Load balancers can manage two server farms geographically apart, and use on of them during normal operations and switch to the other due to catastrophic failures of the first site. Alternatively, both server farms can be used for normal operations with each serving as a backup during failures. For example, a financial organization may deploy on server farm in New York for East Coast clients and a second server farm in San Francisco for the West Coast clients. Both server farms will act to back each other up in case of failures. GSLB is a key Layer 4-7 application to build always-available application infrastructure that is geographically scalable and resilient to catastrophic failures

Server Farm and Application Security

The Brocade ServerIron solution offers a reliable last line of defense in front of server farms through a high-performance security feature suite that includes the industry’s only multigigabit wire-speed DoS and DDoS protection. It provides Layer 2-7 protection against most common network- and application-level threats.

The SYN-Guard feature helps defeat most Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed DoS (DDoS) attacks that take advantage of the TCP connection handshake mechanisms. The switches shield “real” servers completely from any TCP connection requests until the connection is successfully completed with the three-way handshake. The Layer 4-7 switch forwards the connections to the real servers only after the connection is legitimately established. The servers never see any partially established connections, which are timed-out by the Layer 4-7 switch. SYN-Guard also avoids the use of session table for pending connections and conserves the resources to support legitimate clients.

DNS High Availability and Scalability

To ensure business viability and sustainability, leading organizations are upgrading their DNS infrastructure by combining best-in-class DNS servers and load balancing switches. The Brocade ServerIron DNS load balancing and security solution is an integral part of the world’s largest DNS deployments to provide carrier-class availability, superior performance to millions of users, and robust protection from attacks common against DNS servers.

Brocade is a leader in load balancing solutions for the world’s most demanding service providers like Comcast, BellSouth, America Online, NTT DoCoMo, British Telecom, and Yahoo, delivering non-stop DNS and other IP/Web services at peak performance. The ServerIron family of load balancers leads the market in intelligence, performance, security and price. With the Brocade innovative network-centric design, high-performance architecture and comprehensive intelligence, the ServerIron switches deliver high-speed DoS attack protection, superior performance, maximum availability and unprecedented scalability to DNS and IP/Web services.